The Darker Abyss: Home of Novice Philosophers

Current State (as of February '13): Deconstructing Self-Destruction

Maur DarkLight
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BEWARE: I am an incredibly flawed individual with outrageous beliefs and absurd ideals rivaled only by my preposterous values and ludicrous opinions. I also possess a perverse sense of morals, an odd amalgamation of sympathy and apathy, and an affinity for cautious realism. I am also plagued by an uncanny obliviousness to the things and people around me. Charming, n'est pas?

Nevertheless, I consider myself to possess a decent amount of logic, virtues and other positive characteristics no doubt. Some people are thinkers, some are feelers, I find my mind more reliable than my heart. Emotion without logic is like a sword without a handle... but I usually find a way to hurt myself regardless

I am the living contradiction
The oxymoron incarnate
A shadow of myself
A reflection of everything I hate
The personification of balance and conflict

Paradox Proxy Aeternam